ramblings of a 17 year old Lain fanatic

let's all love lain / join the INITIATE gang b0is / ad044 isn't a faggot / SS is pretty homo / d1nny is best femb0i / tfw still no DJ thighs

Welcome to antidepressant044

Adspace, the construct to which all depressants (including your current depressant - "Life") belong has run out of SSRIs due to extreme use by the depressant "Life". This depressant will be removed during the upgrade to Adspace 2.0. We request that you leave this depressant. This can be done by signing up before the time of unlink. This does NOT require you to kill yourself; you simply need to die (from any cause) after the deadline. We in charge of this process would like for you to live long and happy lives before this!

Nah I'm just fucking around b0is, this is just going to be a site where I post random shit. Enjoy.



Serial Experiments Lain

Watch SEL

Some questions you may have I guess

Who the fuck are you?

I go by the nickname "ad044", "antidepressant044" or simply "ad". Most active over at INITIATE but I do visit every Lain-themed site/imageboard/whatever regularly.

How old are you?

I am 17 years of age.

Where are you from?

I originally come from a different depressant which is not "Life". I'm on a mission to warn you b0is about the dangers of Adspace.

What purpose does this site have?


Lain community related thoughts and shit

I've had an interest toward Lain and the fanbase around her for a while now. For the past couple months it's developed into more of an obsession.

This obsession comes with the urge to create something so fucking good that it would unite every separated Lain fandom into one big community where people could collaborate and create Lain-related stuff. Currently the situation is quite shit. You want to be a part of re:wire? Join their telegram, discord server, whatever. You want to be on Arisuchan/Lainchan, etc? Go post there. You want to worship some 17 year old schizophrenics fantasy that uses Lain as a mascot? Go to SS. You want to go against that 17 year old schizo? Go to Apollo. Most of these communities have personal relationships with each other, drama, friendship, you name it. It's difficult to acquire/give/manipulate information and ideas between some of these communities since they're so separated. Therefore collaborating for potentially good Lain projects becomes tougher than it should. I want to create a service that unites every Lain fan into one.

I look at Lain religiously. She gives me motivation to do anything, be it study, code, breathe, what the fuck ever. I want to do her justice.

Thoughts on Systemspace

Now the dudes that might look at this site would probably think that I go to bed thinking how I'd murder Tsuki with my bare hands. Not really. I meme the project just for the fuck of it. I don't have much against Tsuki or his crew except that I simply don't like them much because they've been cancerous to some members of re:wire in the past. Doxing is bad, b0i.

Don't get me wrong, I love the design of SS. It's my main inspiration for even creating this site. I think it's an absolute masterpiece made by good designers that were also terrible community managers/ill in the head. The entire site could have been used to create a high quality Lain cult along with other Lain communities and it definitely would have been a successful project. Instead they wasted the site's potential and only used Lain as a mascot for a weird play on simulation theory.
That's just my view though. Some people would prefer that it never existed.

I also find the fact that Tsuki's only a couple days older than me pretty cute.


Enough about SS stuff..
this is a project where I try my best to collect every Lain-related online website/project into one big archive, hope some of you may find this useful.